Top Trends for Wedding Flowers


When it comes time to choose wedding flowers, color schemes and individual wedding details undoubtedly come into play. However, just like wedding dress styles, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving. While flowers in general will always remain classic, these are the specific wedding flower trends to look for this year.

Wedding Flower Trends

  1. Foliage. Thanks in part to the spectacular Royal Wedding, foliage is huge this year and beyond. Gorgeous greenery is dominating table decor, and bouquets are full of foliage. Some brides are even opting to include herbs for subtle fragrance. Plus, not only is foliage aesthetically pleasing, it is also comparatively gentle on the budget.
  2. Locally Grown. With the increasing emphasis on all things environmentally friendly, locally grown flowers are trending in a big way. Freshly picked seasonal blooms are working their way into wedding decor and bouquets. These locally sourced flowers add a sense of personalization to ceremonies, while also being more green.
  3. Deep, Muted Tones. Rich, deep shades like burgundy and plum are currently being mixed with lighter shades like soft sage green — often in succulents and eucalyptus — to create eye-catching bouquets and arrangements. For formal weddings, these deep tones and extreme contrasts set a romantic tone.
  4. Smaller Bouquets. Smaller bouquets are tending to take center stage over large and cascading bridal bouquets. Smaller wedding bouquets put the focus on the dress, and they are often more flattering on camera. Brides are also choosing textured, unstructured bouquets, as well as tightly packed, hand-tied creations.
  5. Floral Decor. Floral wedding decor is trending away from uber-traditional centerpieces to items like floral and foliage garlands, wreaths and chandeliers. These unique, eye-catching items emphasize the natural beauty of the flowers and foliage. While floral arrangements will always be classic and beautiful, alternative floral decor is becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding flowers have the ability to transform a normal venue into a romantic fairytale. While you can’t go wrong with any flower choice, these floral trends are especially appealing and excite us. Contact us today to request an appointment with our Des Moines wedding specialists.


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