100 Love Note Ideas for Valentine’s Day

100 Love Note Ideas

Just Met, but I Want to Impress Her/Him

  • We may not know exactly what this is just yet, but I like it.
  • You give me butterflies! 🦋
  • I like you a latte! ☕️
  • You’re the 💣!
  • You are a real gem! 💎
  • I’d snap at the chance to be your Valentine. 🐊
  • I like you berry much. 🍓
  • You’re hot! 🌶
  • You’re my favorite notification. 📱
  • I’ve loved spending time with you and getting to know you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day: Still the best holiday on February 14th.

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Things Are Complicated

  • I want to be with you. It is as simple and as complicated as that.
  • There is no such thing as a simple love story. 📚
  • Thank you for putting up with my 💩.
  • You are worth fighting for.
  • I’m so happy we’re both too lazy to find a more suitable romantic partner.
  • Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.
  • You are the risk I’ll always take.
  • Love isn’t complicated. People are.
  • You make me less crazy.
  • I even like you when I’m sober.
  • We may be apart, but true love is inseparable.

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Not Quite to “I Love You”, but We’re Close

  • I can’t bear to be without you!🐻
  • You 💡up my 🌎!
  • Wherever you are, is right where I want to be.
  • You are my missing link. 🔗
  • You are my ☀️ in the 🌧.
  • Every time I 👀 you, my ❤️ goes💥.
  • I have felines for you. 🐱
  • I’m hooked on you! 🎣
  • I’m fortunate to have you. 🥠
  • I’d walk through 🔥 to be with you today.
  • Turns out, I like you a lot more than I originally planned.
  • Without me, you’re just aweso.
  • I hit the jackpot when I met you. 🎰
  • I’m so excited to be sharing our first Valentine’s Day together. I hope it’s the first of many to come!
  • So many of my smiles begin with you.
  • You are a cut above the rest. ✂️
  • I would climb a mountain for you. ⛰
  • Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me. ☕️
  • You’re my boo. 👻
  • You’re my favorite person to do nothing with. 🛋
  • You make miso happy. 🍜

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It’s Love

  • Love is an amazing journey, and I’m so glad I’m traveling with you. ✈️
  • You are my happy place.
  • You’ve stolen my ❤️.
  • You’ve stolen a pizza my heart. 🍕
  • I whaley love you! 🐳
  • My favorite place is inside your hug. 🤗
  • I love you from my head tomatoes! 🍅
  • My ❤️ is all yours.
  • Nothing could erase my love for you. ✏️
  • Loving you is as easy as pie. 🍰
  • I love you to the 🌙 and back.
  • You hold the 🗝 to my ❤️.
  • I want to be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye.
  • I love you for your personality, but your face is a really nice bonus.
  • Just a little 🎵 to say, “I love you”.
  • Our love is electric. 🔌
  • I know it’s cheesy, but we’re meant to brie. 🧀
  • We celebrate our love every day, but if millions of other people want to join us on February 14th, they can.
  • You are my first thought in the morning and the last before I fall asleep. I love you.
  • I lava you. 🌋
  • I may not be your first date, first kiss or first love, but I just want to be your last everything.
  • Today is a very special day for sending all my love your way!
  • With you, it’s Valentine’s Day 365 days a year.
  • Wishing you a day filled with happiness, because you’ve filled my life with love.

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For Married Couples

  • The day I met you, I knew you were the one I’d spend every Valentine’s Day with.
  • To my forever Valentine, Sending you love today and always.
  • I still fall in love with you every day.
  • I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.
  • I’m yours. No refunds! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • True love stories never have endings. I love you today and for .
  • I love you. I love us. 💑
  • I met you. I liked you. I love you. I’m keeping you forever.
  • I’ll always pick you. 🌹
  • The perfect place for us is together. 🏡
  • You are beautiful inside and out. You are my forever Valentine without a doubt.
  • If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my ❤️ to you.
  • When I followed my ❤️, it led me to you.
  • You’re still the best decision I ever made.
  • The best words I’ve ever said are, “I do.”
  • Sharing love, sharing laughter, looking forward to the rest of our happily ever after.
  • I’m so glad you’re my emergency contact person.
  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • You are forever my main squeeze. 🍊
  • I always looked for someone I could live with, but I ended up with someone I couldn’t live without.

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For New Parents

  • This will definitely be a kids-in-bed-early kind of night.
  • To my Valentine, Thank you for making 💏 a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.
  • You are my favorite person to make a person with.
  • You’re all that I ever hoped for, and nothing makes me happier than knowing we’re creating a wonderful family together.

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For a Friend

  • Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with good 🍷, good 🍀 and good friends, just like you!
  • I hope this Valentine’s Day brings you love, smiles and laughter.
  • Good friends are like the stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.
  • I hope we’re friends fur-ever! 🐶
  • I treasure our friendship. 💰
  • There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate. 🍫
  • To the person who gets me the most, I hope your Valentine’s Day is nothing but the absolute best!
  • I’m pretty sure we are more than best friends. We are like a very small gang.
  • Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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How to Decorate for Fall with Seasonal Plants

Porch Decorated for Fall with Plants

Fall ushers in crisp breezes and changing leaves. Brightly hued summer decorations are stored away in favor of plaids and muted fall colors. While there are many ways to decorate for autumn and the upcoming holidays, seasonal plants, foliage, pumpkins and gourds are popular themes that continuously withstand the test of time. Whether you are looking to create a festive mantel, an inviting front porch or a beautiful centerpiece, these are just some of the ways to incorporate richly colored plants and arrangements into your own autumn decor.

Bring the Warm Colors of Autumn into Your Home with Seasonal Plants

  • Create an autumn-inspired front porch. Artfully stagger mums, pumpkins and gourds down your front steps. For a more dramatic or modern look, quickly spray paint the pumpkins and gourds white or metallic to emphasize the beautiful colors of the mums.
  • Decorate your table. Pick out a seasonal centerpiece from Boesen and surround it with candles and miniature pumpkins.
  • Think outside the box. While mums are quintessentially fall, other house plants also provide beautiful fall colors. For example, certain varieties of the bromeliad plant — while tropical — are full of deep red, orange and yellow hues. The croton plant provides similar colors. Plus, both of these hardy plants are easy to care for indoors, and with proper care, will last you well past the fall season.
  • Order arrangements. Add pops of color throughout your home with beautiful arrangements. Autumn flowers and bouquets quickly bring the colors of fall into your home. From sunflowers to roses to daisies and beyond, fall-inspired arrangements are an incredibly easy way to bring the season into any room in your home.

For more inspiration, visit our website and explore our vast selection of seasonal plants and flowers.

5 Popular Mother’s Day Flowers & Their Special Meanings

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th, and while all bouquets and plants make superb presents, there are some flowers that hold particularly special meanings. If you are having trouble picking out the perfect gift or you simply can’t remember a favorite flower, consider these sentimental choices.

Special Mother’s Day Flowers

1. Gerbera Daisy. Gerbera daisies symbolize beauty, innocence and cheerfulness. They come in a number of vibrant colors and are sure to brighten any mom’s day.

Top Pick: Sunshine


2. Tulip. Perfect for Mother’s Day, tulips represent perfect love. They came in a variety of colors — each of which carries even more symbolism. Include purple roses in your bouquet, representing royalty, to show Mom she’s your queen.

Top Pick: Spring Tulips

3. Lily. Bursting with symbolism, lilies represent motherhood (femininity), devotion and humility. While they are a classic anniversary flower, their special symbolism undoubtedly makes them a top Mother’s Day pick, as well.

Top Pick: Beauty & Fragrance

4. Rose. Amongst many other meanings, roses represent love and beauty. Roses are a classic pick for any special occasion.

Top Pick: Mother’s Day Lux

5. Orchid. Orchids represent love, beauty and strength. The popular and exotic blooms make a particularly meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

Top Pick: Waterfall Orchid

For even more options, visit Boesen.com and shop our Mother’s Day selection.

Say More to Those Who Help You Do More

Administrative Assistants (also affectionately known as “My Admin”). They know everything– not just where the paper clips and plastic spoons are – but how the office really functions. And, if you take time to ask, they know how it could work better– definitely an essential part of the overall success of your business!

Not only does your Admin enable you to do your job better, he/she makes you look better. An effective Admin helps promote your brand by adding another level of professionalism and interacting professionally with individuals from all levels of the organization and with outside clients (even when you don’t feel like doing so).

Admin Week is a good time to show your appreciation for this past year’s job well done.

Beyond that, it’s also a good time to consider how you can work together to further enhance professionalism, expand productivity and increase organization at your business. Are you using your Admin to handle your correspondence and emails, help you with time management, make travel plans and reservations, greet visitors, answer phones, organize and schedule appointments and meetings, develop and maintain the filing system, order office supplies, submit and reconcile expense reports? And you can probably think of more contributions!

In 2019, Professional Administrative Assistants’ Day is Wednesday, April 24th and the week starts April 22nd.

Your Administrative Assistant represents you, your business and your brand. Professional, friendly, intelligent, creative, thorough, considerate- your Admin not only enhances the daily functioning of your office but also adds value to your business image.There is no better display of gratitude and respect to your Admin–and the entire office– than flowers that represent your professional style.

Click here to visit our admin day page to order the perfect bouquet for the admins who serve you every day.

Don’t Forget to Order Thanksgiving Flowers!

Order Thanksgiving Flowers from Boesen

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating and expressing gratitude with family and friends. It is a time for loved ones to gather and share stories and food. The “good dishes” are pulled out from the cupboard, and an extravagantly indulgent meal is prepared. Whether your celebration is filled with dozens of friends and family members or just a few, Thanksgiving is a time to feast and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season.

Floral arrangements and centerpieces help set the mood for the meal and celebration to follow. Warm colors accentuate the season and act as the perfect supporting cast to those highly anticipated family recipes. You have likely spent days creating your shopping list and preparing side dishes, so let Boesen make decorating easy! Visit our website and pick from a delightful assortment of Thanksgiving centerpieces and arrangements.

Boesen’s Top 10 picks for Mother’s Days

Remember picking a handful of flowers for mom when you were little?

Moms love getting flowers from their children. Whether they were a bunch of dandelions from a tiny hand or a fistful of lilacs from the yard, Moms forever cherish these fond memories.

Here are our top 10 picks for flowers for mom with sweet thoughts attached:

1. Mom could cheer you up when no one else could. This will brighten HER day.

Radiant Lady by Boesen the Florist


2. Mom loves the outdoors. Add color to her patio or deck with one of our blooming planters.

Garden Center Patio Planter


3. Moms are just grown up little girls and still love pink!

Beauty & Fragrance


4. Mom’s practical and likes long-lasting blooms. A lush azalea will give mom’s home color for weeks.

Double Azalea Basket


5. Mom loves chocolate. Acknowledge her craving. Give her permission to eat it and not share.


Boesen STAM Chocolates



6. Remember all of Grandma’s special talents? Maybe one was growing African violets? Even if not, Grandma will be thrilled that you remembered her, too.

African Violet Basket


7. Mom loves flowers and summer. No matter what size mom’s outdoor space is, a colorful hanging basket swaying in the breeze will bring joy all summer.

Hanging Baskets


8. Help mom celebrate spring with a gorgeous hydrangea plant.

Hydrangea Plant


9. Nothing says “I’ll love you forever” like a dozen red roses.

Dozen Long Stem Red Roses


10. Bring the memories of fresh-picked childhood daisies and garden flowers back. Moms forever cherish the good times with their children.

Sunlit Meadows

Shop any of the above ideas at Boesen.com. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms we love from Boesen The Florist.

Shop Boesen the Florist for Easter and Passover

Did you know that Easter is the fourth biggest floral holiday of the year? It may not get the recognition of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas/Hanukkah, but flowers and plants have long played an important role in Easter and Passover observances and are synonymous with the holidays in both home decorations and as gifts.

When choosing a floral gift for Easter, it’s important to keep in mind not only who it’s for, but also what it will be used for. Flowers are always appropriate for mothers, grandmothers, and other close relatives or loved ones. Of course, Easter baskets full of chocolates, Peeps, and other springtime treats are always a favorite for kids of all ages!

Easter Bunny Basket by Boesen the Florist

They also make excellent gifts for church or social groups as well as for co-workers or the staff of your child’s school or day care center and are certainly a perfect gift to take along if you have been invited to an Easter dinner or other Easter celebration.

Lilies are popular symbols of Easter as they represent love, hope, and resurrection. White lilies are especially symbolic during Easter as they signify purity and divinity. Daisies, azaleas, daffodils, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, and tulips are also popular Easter flowers.

Celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 1, with a traditional Easter lily plant, or with a beautiful bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers from Boesen the Florist.

Did you know?

  • Egg dyes for Easter were once made from flower petals. Other natural items like tree bark, onion peels, and juices were also used to color eggs.
  • The first story of a rabbit (later named the “Easter Bunny”) hiding eggs in a garden was published in 1680.
  • Easter takes place on a Sunday, after the 40-day period called Lent. Lent is referred to as a time of fasting, but most participants focus more on giving up one significant indulgence.
  • Holy Week is celebrated during the week leading up to Easter. It begins on Palm Sunday, continues to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then finally, Easter Sunday.
  • The 140th annual “White House Easter Egg Roll” is scheduled for Monday, April 2. This event has been celebrated by the Presidents of the United States and their families since 1878.


Passover, or Pesach, is one of the most commonly observed Jewish holidays. It begins annually on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. This year it begins at sundown on Friday, March 30, and lasts through Saturday, April 7.

Passover is a celebration of the Israelites’ being freed from slavery in Egypt. It is also observed as a celebration of spring, of birth, and of rebirth, and of taking responsibility for yourself, the community, and the world. The first night of Passover includes a special ritual dinner called Seder.

Flowers make excellent gifts for Passover. Traditional spring-blooming flowers are used to celebrate the holiday. Sunflowers, Gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, irises, and tulips are all excellent choices for this holiday season. Boesen the Florist offers a nice assortment of centerpieces and fresh floral designs that make excellent gifts for this celebration.

Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a worldwide celebration of social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women that takes place annually on March 8. This year’s theme is #PressforProgress which spotlights gender parity.

IWD is not a new holiday – in fact, it was first observed in the early 1900’s. It has, however, grown in popularity over the past few years and is now celebrated and supported around the world by the United Nations, along with governments, industry leaders, educational institutions, community groups, professional associations, women’s networks, charities, non-profit organizations, and more.

IWD is a terrific opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women as well as a chance to take action to help raise visibility and awareness in order to help drive positive change for women and accelerate gender parity around the world.

We can all do our part in helping drive better outcomes for women by becoming responsive and responsible leaders in creating a more gender-inclusive world. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely for another 217 years, so International Women’s Day provides an opportunity for ground-breaking action that can drive greater change for women and speed up the clock on gender parity.

World-renowned feminist, journalist and activist Gloria Steinem once said, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.”

How to get involved

  • Together we can all play a role in promoting women’s issues and rights, especially for women in developing countries. One of the easiest ways to get involved is by sharing the #PressforProgress hashtag on social media posts and encouraging your friends and followers to join in the festivities.
  • Purple is the official color for IWD, so simply wearing a purple shirt or ribbon is a great way to show your support.
  • There are numerous festivals and gatherings planned for IWD and you can check the International Women’s Day event page to see a full list of activities in your area.
  • Consider donating time or resources to women-focused charities or groups
  • Volunteer to set up your own IWD campaign. Materials and instructions can be found here.
  • Most importantly, just speak out and make your support known!

Even if you don’t want to get involved in organized IWD events, the day itself is still a great opportunity to celebrate a special woman in your life by acknowledging their hard work and sharing their stories. A small gift, like a beautiful bouquet, is always an appropriate way to show your gratitude and the smile is causes can make a big difference!

Sending a Message on Valentine’s Day

You often hear the saying, “it’s the thought that counts.” That may be true, but the thought isn’t the only thing that counts – especially not to your valentine on this special day.

Imagine a scenario such as this: your valentine is hard at work on Valentine’s Day when a delivery driver opens the door and delivers a box to her colleague’s desk. She looks on in excitement and a bit of envy as her colleague opens the box and begins pulling out roses one-by-one, before arranging them in the accompanying vase. It’s Valentine’s Day, do you really want your valentine assembling their roses at work?

She thinks about you and wonders if a similar box will arrive for her, when suddenly the door bursts open and a man in a Boesen the Florist shirt walks in with an eye-popping bouquet of the most vivid and beautiful long-stem red roses. She watches as the driver makes his way through the office, and tightly crosses her fingers in hopes of somehow willing the delivery man to not make a sudden turn before reaching her desk.

As much as she tries to hide her smile, it modestly grows wider and wider as the delivery man approaches. By now, co-workers are peeking around office doors and over cubicle walls. The colleague in the front of the office takes a break from arranging the last of her flowers to see where the elegant roses are headed.

When the delivery driver finally makes it to her desk and confirms that she is indeed the recipient, her first thought will undeniably be of you – and just how special you made her feel.

When you send flowers, you’re sending a message. It’s easy if all you want to say with that message is: “I’m thinking of you.” A quick phone call or a brief visit to any number of websites will easily convey that message just fine. But doesn’t your Valentine deserve a stronger message than that – especially if it doesn’t take any extra time or effort on your part to let her know how you really feel about her? Send a message this year – a message that lets her know she deserves the very best.

Sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a time-honored tradition, but not all roses are the same. Roses are beautiful, but fragile, flowers that need care and love – just like your Valentine. This year, think outside that battered box and send the very best message – by sending the very best roses. When you see or hear of roses being advertised at “special” prices, in most cases, you will need to add the shipping and handling along with some additional hidden fees. Suddenly, the remarkably-low price is no longer so low anymore.

At Boesen the Florist, we would never stuff our roses in a box and drop them off with someone else to get delivered – we prefer to handle that ourselves. Grown only in the finest farms, and cared for by the finest professionals in the business, our roses are the finest and most beautiful roses you will find for your Valentine.

When you send flowers from Boesen the Florist, you can rest assured that not only are you sending the very best professionally designed and hand-delivered flowers, but you are always backed by an unconditional guarantee that is unmatched in the industry. Exceed her expectations this year and leave the details to us. Call Boesen the Florist today to make this Valentine’s Day one that will truly be remembered.